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Please Register Before June 20th

KCBS teams, please sign up for People's Choice!  Share your skill in the Art of BBQ with our community. People's Choice ticket sales financially support this competition. We encourage competition left overs and we have pork butts and brisket to be handed out at the cooks meeting on Friday! People's Choice winner gets free admission to AOB 2024.

Get your AOB Swag Here!


Please choose the application for either the KCBS competition or the amateur Backyard category. Both must have the w-9 complete and submitted for application to be accepted.


Email questions to

Mail application with check to:

PO BOX 973 Sterling CO 80751

All application fees must be mailed with a copy of your application so we can keep everyone straight!

as of 4/24/23

Monarch BBQ

Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ

Rockin' D BBQ


Bull Slap BBQ

Man-Day-Hooligans BBQ

Happy Burnt Endings

American Heroes BBQ

4Gs Smoking BBQ

Bracken Racks BBQ

Cluster Cluck BBQ

Colorado Bulldawg BBQ

Blind Butt Limitless

Proud Souls BBQ

Bushmaster BBQ

Score One Smokin'

Smokin' Boxers BBQ

B'Mackin BBQ

Meat Candy Q

Q 4 U

2023 Backyard Team List

Locomotive Breath BBQ

Burnt Buffalo BBQ

Sasquatch BBQ



Grand Champion 
Eggspert BBQ


Reserve Grand Champion
Heifers, Butts and Clucks BBQ

Third Overall
Bushmaster BBQ


4th - Meat Machine BBQ
5th - Stoak - D-
6th - Smokin Timbers BBQ
7th - Cool Beans BBQ
8th -  Happy Burnt Endings
9th - We're Burnin Daylight BBQ
10th - American Hero BBQ




1st - Meat Machine BBQ
2nd - Heifers Butts and Clucks BBQ
3rd - Bull - B - Que
4th - We're Burnin Daylight BBQ
5th - Stoak - D - Fire .com
6th - Bushmaster BBQ
7th - The Bar B Quist
8th - Score One Smokin
9th - Eggspert BBQ
10th - Stoak - D  - Fire BBQ


1st - Eggspert BBQ
2nd - DJ's Smokin BBQ
3rd - Stoak - D - Fire BBQ
4th - Cluster Cluck BBQ
5th - Smokin Timbers BBQ
6th - Heifers Butts and Clucks BBQ
7th - American Hero BBQ
8th - Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ
9th - Meat Machine BBQ
10th - Happy Burnt Endings BBQ


1st - Eggspert bbq
2nd - Stoak - D  -
3rd - Heifers Butts and Clucks BBQ
4th - Bushmaster BBQ
5th - Happy Burnt Endings
6th - Crush BBQ
7th - Brinkerhoff BBQ
8th - Smokin Timbers BBQ
9th - Ribs N Whiskey BBQ
10th - Cool Beans BBQ



People's Choice

1st - Bushmaster BBQ
2nd - Smokin Timbers BBQ
3rd - Eggspert BBQ
4th - We're Burnin Daylight BBQ
5th - American Hero BBQ
6th - MAn-Day Hooligans BBQ
7th - Stoak - D -
8th - Happy Burnt Endings
9th - Grillin Beavers BBQ
10th - Meat Machine BBQ


1st - Cluster Cluck BBQ
2nd - Crush BBQ
3rd - Cool Beans BBQ
4th - Outback Cookin COmpany
5th - Smoke and Spice


Backyard Overall

1st - JB - Que BBQ - Jason Brown
2nd - Minnow's BBQ - Matt Melssen
3rd - Locomotive Breath - Riley Lindeman



Anything Goes

Backyard Ribs


1st - Minnow's BBQ
2nd - Broken Ribs
3rd - RJ's BBQ


1st - JB- Cue BBQ
2nd - Locomotive Breath BBQ
3rd - Minnow's BBQ


The Inaugural Art of BBQ Cook-Off was held July 1st and 2nd 2022 at the beautiful and historic Logan County Courthouse, 315 Main Street, Sterling Colorado 80751.28 BBQ cookers faced off for this year's KCBS Competition. Prizes totaled over $8,000.00. Professional teams spent countless hours preparing and cooking favorite recipes for Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs, and Chicken judged by Kansas City BBQ Society rules and regulations. There was an amateur Backyard Category with 8 teams. Sponsored by Bomgaars, Backyard had a range of prizes and bragging rights led by the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association. The festival got under way on Friday, July 1st with the First July Jamz Concert of the season starting at 6:00p.m. ending at 9:00 p.m. Rusty 44 Knocked our socks off! Festivities on Saturday, July 2nd begin at 7:00 a.m. and wrap up at 6:00 p.m. Events include a corn hole tournament, kids activities, BBQ tasting by 12 teams and live music by The Atomic Drifters.

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