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Logan County Arts League, formerly known as The Sterling Arts Council was founded May 11, 1971 and formally registered with the Secretary of State on June 22, 1990.  An application for 501(c)(3) status had been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service on July 2, 1975 and was approved/granted to the organization on August 25, 1975.  Through the years, the Arts Council was very active in the community sponsoring many concerts and arts related events.  As the years went by, members passed and the group participating dwindled until there were less than a handful of active members supporting the organization's efforts.


In 2018, Logan County Arts League (LOCAL) was created and merged with the Sterling Arts Council to revitalize interest in the arts in Logan County.  Soon after the merger, the Sterling Creative District was formed under the LOCAL umbrella and gained state certification December 2019.  The Office of Economic Development, CSU Engagement Office, Logan County Arts Council, Logan County Chamber of Commerce and a wide range of artists, municipal government officials and community members gathered together in an effort to create LOCAL and the Creative District.


LOCAL has been a 501(c)(3) umbrella organization for the creation of both the Sterling Creative District and the upcoming High Plains Film Festival 2022. The seventeen-year tradition of July Jamz has been joined by Art in the Square, Artstober, and the annual Zombie Crawl,  to name a few new annual community events.

BOARD of Directors 

Richard A. Ontiveros


Linda Merkl


Loretta Davidson


Sarah Eaton


Kylee Harless



Mandy Ritter