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Logan County Arts League Mission

The mission of the Logan County Arts League (LOCAL) is to embrace and promote human creativity and culture in Logan County and enhance the lives and economies of our rural communities through the arts.

2024-25 Board of Directors

Sarah L. Davis, President

Linda Merkl, Vice President & Secretary (temp.)

Loretta Davidson, Treasurer

Mandy Ritter, Creative District Program Director

Melissa Craddock

Jane DeSanti

Michelle Meade

Richard Ontiveros

Mandi Rogers

Stevie Shuff

Peter Youngers

What is a Creative District?

The Colorado Creative Districts program certifies communities that contribute to our state’s economy through creativity, culture, and the arts. The program’s goal is to help communities increase jobs, incomes, and investments in creative places.


Colorado Creative Districts attract artists and creative entrepreneurs to a community, infusing new energy and innovation, which in turn enhances the economic and civic capital of the community. Districts also serve as a focal point for celebrating and strengthening a community’s unique identity, become a space to showcase cultural and artistic organizations and events, and contribute to the development of healthy communities. More info and a map of CO Creative Districts

Sterling Creative District was certified in 2020.

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